TOItaly Learning Experience


The TOItaly Learning Experience is a comprehensive program of seminars and workshops aimed at offering a firsthand experience of Italy’s economic, cultural and social core traits.

A variety of topics such as Art, Economy, Society, History and Politics will be covered during tailored lectures, workshops, guided visits and excursions, in and outside the Piedmont Region.

The program is designed by the TOChina Hub, a partnership between ESCP Europe Business School, the University of Turin & the Turin World Affairs Institute, and it is held yearly.

TOChina Learning Experience


FROM CLASSIC TO CONTEMPORARY ARTS: The White Cube and the Art Experience

Venue: Palazzo Madama, GAM, MAO, Castello di Rivoli

GEOGRAPHY AND REGIONAL CULTURES: Embracing the Italian peninsula

Venue: Turin, Langhe

RELIGIONS OF ITALY: The world of Christians, Muslims, Hebrew and Krishnas in Torino

Venue: Turin, Cottolengo, Mosque, Synagogue, Hare Krishna Centre

PIEDMONT: A REGION TO DISCOVER: A hands-on mountains experience

Venue: Bardonecchia

SUSTAINABILITY AND RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION: Building community through sustainable actions and beekeeping

Venue: Mirafiori, Turin

THE ITALIAN OPERA: Puccini’s La Bohème & Gala Dinner

Venue: Teatro Regio


Venue: Turin, ILO, UN Staff College

PARTECIPATION AND POLITICS: History and politics at the first Italian Parliament Chamber

Venue: Turin, Museo del Risorgimento

FAREWELL TRIP TO ROME: The birthplace of Italian culture

Venue: Rome


The TOItaly Learning Experience is designed for highly motivated Chinese exchange students based in Turin, looking for a comprehensive program focused on Italy’s Art, Society, Economy and Politics.

At the end of each semester, participants will receive a certificate, issued by the TOChina Hub, which may be used to claim 6 ECTS credits.

To guarantee a dynamic learning environment, the Admissions Committee of the TOItaly Learning Experience will select participants considering the following factors:

  1. individual potential as expressed by the applicant’s application form;
  2. sound academic credentials;
  3. fluency in English.


1. Who can apply for the TOItaly Learning Experience?

The TOItaly Learning Experience is a program designed specifically for Chinese exchange students based in Turin.

2. Who organizes the program?

The program is run by the TOChina Hub, a partnership between ESCP Europe Business School, the University of Turin & the Turin World Affairs Institute.

3. When is the TOItaly Learning Experience held?

The TOItaly Learning Experience is held yearly, from November to June.

4. What is the venue hosting the program?

The program will be held in different venues across Turin, the Piedmont Region and Nothern-Central Italy: ESCP Europe Business School, University of Turin, Museums, Churches, Companies, and key institutions defining the local cultural, social, economic and political landscape.

5. What kind of certification will be awarded at the end of the program?

Participants are awarded a certificate issued by the TOChina Hub.


For enquiries and information please contact the TOItaly Program Officer.


TOChina Hub c/o University of Turin
Lungodora Siena 100/a, Turin ITALY

Phone Number

+39 011 670 2627


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